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The History Of All Saints' Wickhambrook

The de Bures

Sir Robert de Bures

Sir Robert de Bures

There have been two incumbents of All Saints' Wickhambrook with the surname "de Bures". John de Bures was incumbent from 1327 - 1335 and William de Bures from 1335 - 1340. It is very likely that they are related to Sir Robert de Bures of Acton, Suffolk. He was a soldier of King Edward I and was steward of the honour of Clare for Gilbert, Earl of Clare. This being a rotating position meant that it was for a fixed term and ceased in 1310 when he was rewarded for his service by becoming Lord of the manor of Acton. Sir Robert de Bures married twice and had properties in 15 villages in East Anglia including the manor of Bansfield in Wickhambrook, Suffolk. This was acquired in 1302. With his first wife Alice he is thought to have had four sons, John born in 1299, Andrew, born in 1301, Michael and William born a few years later. According to an account by chauncey Rea Burr, John was probably provided with lands from the estates of his mother Alice before her death in 1310. The second son Andrew was known to be in charge of the Manor in Wickhambrook since records show he was taxed the sum of 13 shillings in 1327 and indeed upon Robert's death in 1331 became the main inheritor. Robert's second wife Hilary also died in 1331 on the 13th December and records show that their sons Michael and William inherited lands at this point. John was not listed as inheriting anything at this point due to his earlier inheritance in 1310 and may well be the John de Bures who was incumbent at all Saint church. It is also possible that the younger son Willliam was the incumbent from 1335 - 1340.

Much of this information was derived from the publication "Sir Robert de Bures - A Soldier of Edward I" by B & MH Brenner, copies of which can be bought from All Saints' Church, Acton, Suffolk where the excellent brass of Sir Robert de Bures can also be viewed.

Last Modified Saturday 09 June 2012