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What's New - News core/bulletins And Site Updates 2006

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25th Dec 2006
Christmas Day

Christmas Day "Please join us for Christmas day celebrations at churches around the benefice"… [Details]

24th Dec 2006
Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass "Midnight Mass for the benefice will be at Ousden Church at 11.30pm."… [Details]

21st Dec 2006
Nativity Play

Nativity Play "JAM CLub nativity play & Carols by Candlelight is at Wickhambrook church at 7-00pm."… [Details]

13th Dec 2006
Statement On Tragedy

Statement On Tragedy "Following the sad deaths of five young women, Church leaders have issued this statement."… [Details]

6th Dec 2006
Toy Service Update

Toy Service Update "We donated over 20 toys to Bury's Social services for needy children this year."… [Details]

3rd Dec 2006
Toy Service

Toy Service "Donation of toys to Bury's Social services for needy children."… [Details]

28th Nov 2006
Advent & Christmas

Advent & Christmas "For a full list of advent and Christmas services this year including midnight mass."… [Details]

26th Nov 2006
Archdeacon's Visit

Archdeacon's Visit "Our guest speaker at the Stradishall Benefice service at 10am will be Archdeacon David Brierley."… [Details]

19th Nov 2006
Confirmation 2007

Confirmation 2007 "Confirmation classes begin on this date for people aged nine and above."… [Details]

12th Nov 2006
Operation Christmas Child Update

Operation Christmas Child Update "We have sent 101 "love in a box" gifts for this year's appeal"… [Details]

12th Nov 2006
Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday "Remembrance Sunday Service is at St Peter's Ousden at 10am."… [Details]

5th Nov 2006
Confirmation 2007

Confirmation 2007 "Confirmation classes will begin soon for people aged nine and above."… [Details]

4th Nov 2006
Ruby & Her Horses

Ruby & Her Horses "The Bumpstead Boys: Suffolk narrative in story, song & screen."… [Details]

2nd Nov 2006
All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day "Will be celebrated at St Peter's Church Ousden"… [Details]

1st Nov 2006
All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day "Will be celebrated at All Saints' Church Wickhambrook"… [Details]

12th Oct 2006
Bishop Richard To Retire

Bishop Richard To Retire "The Rt Revd Richard Lewis, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich has announced his retirement."… [Details]

11th Oct 2006
Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child "We are collecting for the love in a box appeal again this year"… [Details]

2nd Oct 2006
New Rural Dean

New Rural Dean "Our Vicar Revd Ian Finn is appointed the new Rural Dean for Clare Deanery"… [Details]

26th Sep 2006
Archdeacon Visit

Archdeacon Visit "David Brierley will be visiting all the benefice churches for the day."… [Details]

17th Sep 2006
Harvest Festivals

Harvest Festivals "Today sees the start of Harvest festivals around the benefice. Click on the image for further details."… [Details]

4th Sep 2006
Monday Study Group

Monday Study Group "Exploring St Mark's gospel through reading, meditation, prayer, art, music, drama and poetry."… [Details]

6th Aug 2006

Transfiguration "Transfiguration Sunday services around the benefice - see service sheets for times."… [Details]

5th Aug 2006
Shakespeare Play

Shakespeare Play "Fund raising event at Wickhambrook - The Merchant Of Venice"… [Details]

25th Jun 2006

Ordination "Gill Green who was ordained Deacon last year is to be ordained Priest in the cathedral at 10am."… [Details]

16th Jun 2006
Stolen Finials Discovered

Stolen Finials Discovered "Pew ends stolen 34 years ago are found in the USA"… [Details]

11th Jun 2006
Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday "Trinity Sunday services around the benefice - see service sheets for times."… [Details]

4th Jun 2006

Pentecost "Pentecost services around the benefice - see service sheets for times."… [Details]

25th May 2006
Ascension Day

Ascension Day "Ascension Day services at Wickhambrook church: Eucharist at 10.00am and Evensong at 5.00pm."… [Details]

20th May 2006
Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code "The truth about the story of the Da Vinci Code"… [Details]

18th May 2006
Christian Aid Service

Christian Aid Service "Special service to mark the work of Christian Aid at the Methodist church at 7.00pm."… [Details]

14th May 2006
Confirmation Day

Confirmation Day "Nine candidates from the Benefice will be confirmed at St Mary's Church Haverhill at 9.30am"… [Details]

14th May 2006
Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week "This year this is 14-20th May. Please give generously."… [Details]

16th Apr 2006
Easter Day

Easter Day "Services are at all benefice Churches"… [Details]

15th Apr 2006
Easter Eve

Easter Eve "Service is at Wickhambrook Church at 7.00pm"… [Details]

14th Apr 2006
Good Friday

Good Friday "Wickhambrook - walk of witness 10am & Lidgate 2pm"… [Details]

13th Apr 2006
Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday "Is at Wickhambrook Church at 7pm"… [Details]

10th Apr 2006
Hot Cross Bun Club

Hot Cross Bun Club "The JAM CLUB's Hot Cross Bun Club is the 10-13th April, 10.00-11.30am in the Benefice Hal"… [Details]

9th Apr 2006
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday "Is at Ousden Church at 10am; Stations of the cross at 6pm in Lidgate church"… [Details]

4th Apr 2006
Lidgate's praying for sunshine

Lidgate's praying for sunshine "Lidgate starts trend in solar energy"… [Details]

26th Mar 2006
Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday "Is at Cowlinge Church 10am. An occasion to thank our Mothers"… [Details]

1st Mar 2006
Benefice Lent Group

Benefice Lent Group "Begins again on Ash Wednesday in the Benefice Hall, Wickhambrook"… [Details]

1st Mar 2006
Ashing Service

Ashing Service "This year our Ash Wednesday service at Wickhambrook church"… [Details]

5th Feb 2006
Christingle Service

Christingle Service "This year our Christingle service raising money for the Children's Society is at Wickhambrook church"… [Details]

6th Jan 2006

Epiphany "Epiphany and Evensong services in the benefice"… [Details]

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