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Rector's View - July 2009

Dear friends,

The word "holiday" comes from the Old English word for "Holy Day". It was a day off work to join in festivities and other celebrations of a special day in the Church's calendar - a Saint's day or other occasion. Nowadays the dictionary defines a holiday as "an extended period of recreation, especially away from home or in travelling; a break from work." Nonetheless, the spiritual dimension is still there, if we think about it - the origin of the word "recreation" is, of course, "to create again; renew".

Whether we are fortunate enough to be looking forward to a holiday away from home, or enjoying periods of recreation whilst staying at home, the opportunity is the same - the chance to relax and unwind, to have a well-earned break from the daily routine, to "re-charge our batteries" and to start again refreshed and renewed. But does it always work out that way? While we are away from home, away from all the pressures of daily life, we feel back in control. We may think that we have rediscovered our true selves. But when we arrive home to the bills and the deadlines perhaps it all seems like a dream. It was great whilst it lasted, but back to earth nothing has really changed.

As Christians we encounter God in the midst of our daily lives, amongst all the challenges, frustrations and disappointments, as well as in the more joyful times. Situations are not changed by escaping from them, but by seeing God in them and by discovering His will and purposes, for ourselves as well as for the people amongst whom we live and work. When, with God's help, we see with the eyes of Jesus, we become aware of how we must respond and we move forwards in hope and trust. One thing is clear - God gives us new opportunities every day to know Him and to serve Him. In the words of the hymn:

"Praise with elation, Praise every morning God's re-creation of the new day!"

Holidays are indeed great fun and a welcome and necessary time of rest and relaxation. But true RE-CREATION comes only by living each day consciously in the presence of God.

With every blessing,


Revd Stephen Abbott

The Bansfield Benefice Jam Club

Jam stands for "Jesus and Me". The club meets on the first Sunday of each month, at 9.15am, in the Benefice Hall next to Wickhambrook church. The children range in age from three to ten. A theme for the day is chosen with activities, songs and games linked to it. The children join the congregation at Wickhambrook towards the end of the service for a blessing and to show them what they have done that morning in the Jam Club. New members, ( as well as new helpers!) are always welcome. If you might be interested please let me know in the first instance.

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